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    4 Reasons A Property Sells:

  1. Location. 
    YOU have no control over the location of your home, but its location helps determine its value.
  2. Price. 
    YOU control this. The right price can only be determined by a well-researched computerized market evaluation. As a home seller, you should get a written market analysus comparing your home to similar properties that have recently sold and those currently on the market. The market is always changing. It is important to know local trends.
  3. Condition of Property. 
    YOU control this also. Your homes' condition is vital to a sale. A clean, well-maintained home enjoys a competitive edge over all the other homes on the market. You will sell faster and at a higher price if you "stage" your home to enhance its appeal. Downsize the clutter.
  4. The Realtor You Select. 
    The REALTOR advises you on the market conditions, pricing and staging recommendations, contracting, financing, title work, appraising and closing activities. Just as you insist on an experienced well-prepared doctor to treat your family, you want a REALTOR with a proven track record who does his homework representing you in the sale of your home. These are the reasons so many people choose a Bob and Jo Real Estate REALTOR.